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BCI Burke Playground

International Women’s Day – Inspire Inclusion

In play and playgrounds we focus on inclusion in both product and space design. The importance of inclusion cannot be overstated – it creates independence, builds confidence, resilience, social relationships and brings equity to communities and individuals. As we celebrate International Women’s Day – and month – we celebrate and help to inspire others to understand the value of women’s inclusion to forge a better world. 

This day and month seem like the perfect time to recognize the leadership, innovation, dedication and creativity that women bring to Burke every day, every month and all year. It is also our time to do better – to bring more inclusion to our communities – our Burke community and the communities we live in, work in and raise our children in. Inclusion is something for every day and when we’re all included with equal voices our world becomes stronger, kinder and a better place to be.

Women bring creativity, dedication and leadership to our Design Team by designing some of the most creative and innovative playspaces and understanding requirements, play value and how children engage in these outdoor spaces. They lead teams, provide insights and add so much value to our spaces.

Marketing and Human Resources are important functions that are both women-led. Human Resources is people-focused and helps ensure we hire, train, provide opportunities and create a safe workplace for all people. Marketing is responsible for what Burke says and does and is our voice to both internal and external customers! Inclusion is one of our main messages and we live what we say, develop materials that support our mission of Play That Moves You (EVERYONE!) and launch products that create spaces where everyone finds the best of themselves through outdoor play and fitness.

Accounting, Shipping and Receiving, Painting, Assembly and Order Entry all move customer orders through Burke smoothly and keep the lights on in the offices (and so much more, of course). Their commitment to quality, creative problem solving and leadership help Burke bring play to communities! 

Our Sales Crew and Representative Firms are full of knowledgeable, driven women leaders that want to help customers design a play, playground, outdoor fitness or learning space that will meet their needs, budgets and serve their communities. These women hustle every day and many of the top sales positions are held by women who work hard and care deeply about their contributions. 

As we work to inspire inclusion in those we work with, do business with, design spaces for and live with, we celebrate the contributions the women of Burke bring to us all the time! It’s time to forge a more inclusive world together!