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BCI Burke Playground

Woman picking up trash from trail

Making a Difference

As part of the Play20 campaign, we organized a trail clean-up. Like most things, COVID-19 had other plans and meeting in groups – even to clean a trail – was no longer responsible. So, one of our employees who is staying in New Mexico during this time, decided to clean a trail anyway. Picking up a trail that people can use while practicing social distancing creates a more pleasant experience and environment for everyone. Right now, more and more people are getting outdoors for both mental and physical health and our trails need some extra love. It’s what Play20 is all about – leaving the world a better, happier, more playful place to be. This is Sarah’s, a Marketing Communications Specialist at Burke, take on the experience.

Trails have always been a place of happiness, solace and fun for me so when I was able to organize a trail clean-up as part of the Play20 campaign, it was perfect. As things around us changed and COVID-19 meant meeting in groups wasn’t responsible anymore, I still wanted to do something. Now, more than ever, the outdoors is a place we can go to get away and reduce stress, get much-needed movement and spend time out of the house while practicing responsible social distancing.

So to the trailhead I went, armed with garbage bags, old gardening gloves and beautiful weather. After cleaning up a variety of items from bottles to wrappers and more unusual pieces like a nail and a sock, I felt a sense of accomplishment. Was it what I planned? No. But it was a way to bring a little light into a corner of the world. And part of Play20 is leaving the world a happier, better place.

Maybe when we’re all back together, we will clean another trail as a group. But for now, I felt the power of small changes to a greater good. And that is enough.