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MOVMNT Brings Movement to Communities


Fond du Lac, WI – MOVMNT™ brings movement for people of all ages and abilities and creates an atmosphere of competition, fun and engagement. Powered by people, MOVMNT doesn’t require electrical or batteries and allows everyone to be in control of their play experience.

Studies show that active communities do better. Whether it’s higher graduation and lower obesity rates or better air quality and higher home values, having public greenspaces within your community helps to improve quality of life. For communities seeking intergenerational engagement, MOVMNT is the perfect answer. It brings people together to play an active game that stimulates both mental and physical development. With two options for MOVMNT – MOVMNT Inclusive and MOVMNT Xtreme – the MOVMNT collection of products provides play for all abilities. MOVMNT Inclusive is perfect for one or two players and is designed so a user with a mobility device can participate fully in the play experience. MOVMNT Xtreme provides an active play experience for an induvial or a larger group of people and offers high replay value with four games to choose from.

To begin the game, users spin the power wheel and power their play each time they play the game. MOVMNT is perfect for schools, community centers, parks, camps, offices and churches – anywhere a group might gather and seek healthy entertainment.

Learn more about MOVMNT and how it benefits communities by visiting Electronic Play (


About Burke
At BCI Burke, play is our passion and creating Play That Moves You means researching and designing products and playscapes that inspire adventure, bring people together, foster development and keep communities moving. We’ve been bringing the highest level of play, playgrounds, recreation and outdoor fitness to the communities we serve for more than 100 years and are just getting started. Learn more about our movement at



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