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BCI Burke Playground

Children running in playground

Play Will Always Move Us

If movement is life then Play That Moves You speaks to the importance of play in our lives. From social and emotional development to physical and cognitive growth, play is the backdrop to many happy times had and yet to come. During this pandemic, many playgrounds were closed and children, communities and families had to find new ways to connect and play. While some playgrounds are reopening and communities begin to come back, we return with a new appreciation for connection, laughter and play. As we get back to play in a new normal, there are an incredible amount of resources available to help us return and be mindful of new ways and new approaches to play. Being outdoors has an extraordinary amount of benefits and getting back outside in a prudent manner can benefit the health and well-being of people and communities. One resource that offers practical suggestions and guidance for a return to play and the outdoors is Voice of Play. Visit their site to get the latest ideas and tips and see how play can move you again.