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Social Fitnessing Helps Us Stay Fit and Healthy

We need movement. It’s essential to our lives and our overall health. As we return to outdoor fitness areas, we return to a new normal. Enter social fitnessing. Social fitnessing is a way to create space to move, practice safe distancing and encourage each other while maintaining a safe distance. While social fitnessing can be practiced anywhere, it is much easier to practice outdoors where space is prevalent and many obstacle course and other exercise areas are already designed to provide appropriate space.

Besides just the space factor, outdoor exercise is an incredible way to get your workout while experiencing other benefits inherent in spending time outdoors in recreation and outdoor fitness areas. Time spent outdoors has benefits like stress reduction, a rise in creativity and offers a healthy dose of immune-boosting Vitamin D. Interestingly enough, when people exercise outside, their perceived level of effort is lower allowing for longer and more intense workouts. If that’s not enough, outdoor fitness and recreation areas can be a great way to spend time with family out of the home…and so many of us are ready to get out of the home a little bit! So get out and practice social fitnessing in your local areas while also practicing good hand hygiene and following all local out-of-home guidelines.