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sPEAKing Our Minds: COLD now, FAB later!!

Winter can be a cold and bitter time for a gym goer. The desire to workout is there, but it feels like mother nature just won’t have it. Sometimes, like bears, we wish we could just go into hibernation until that beautiful spring weather returns to rejuvenate us to get back into the swing of things. The only thing about hibernating like bears is that we might in turn end up looking like one! Not to say bears are not beautiful creatures, but I’m not sure if I’ve ever heard anyone wanting to look like a bear?! No excuses! We will not let the cold defeat us!! Here are a few ways we’ve conjured up to put on our long johns and get to work and get us ready to ELEVATE come warmer weather.

Getting your mind right:

Let’s start with your mindset. It’s safe to say that the first step you must take in making any changes begin at the top with your brain. YOU must decide just how important working out and your health is to you. Remind yourself that working out is part of a lifestyle. Now remind yourself of what your spring goals are. Then simply focus on the healthy lifestyle and don’t let the cold hold you back from living that!

Putting the plan in place:

Here’s some tips for when Jack Frost is nipping at more than just your nose. Find your personal motivation! Is it to have a great physique when the weather makes a turn for the better? Toning up a specific body part? Setting a good example for your kids? Preparing for a winter race? Not letting a workout buddy down? Not wasting pre-paid gym fees? Find your motivation and then commit to it so excuses aren’t possible!

Getting through day 1:

Here comes the dreaded day. You check the weather app on your phone and see that the temperature is barely the age of your prom date. When morning comes you find yourself calculating the steps it’ll take to get to the bathroom, put on clothes and find your shoes. But you do!! You put on multiple layers to stay warm, eat a snack and if you’re lucky enough get into a warm car thanks to an automatic start 😉. You begin to realize it wasn’t so bad. As much as you fought against the thought of going out into the cold, after that great workout, it was all worth it. Sometimes doing it the first time is the hump you have to get over.

Keep in mind everyone is different. Some people need to check the workout box, for some it’s a way of living, and for others they have goals set that they are trying to reach. Your reason is your reason, just make sure the cold is not your excuse!

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