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Badger Park

Peshtigo, Wisconsin

Badger Park is a destination that has it all. Camping, disc golf, volleyball, beaches and now, an entirely new play environment that brings play and outdoor fitness to people of all ages and abilities. Built atop creative and accessible surfacing, this play environment has something for all ages. Children ages 6-23 months and 2-5 have developmentally appropriate, research based playspaces that encourage them to grow and learn through play. Kids 5-12 have adventure and excitement with tall towers connecting to a ship sailing the river. Freestanding spinning, climbing, swinging and ziplining add even more fun and help kids develop socially, emotionally, cognitively and creatively while having fun. Not to be forgotten, fitness for the whole family ages 5 and up can be found with the ELEVATE® Fitness Course that will encourage exercise and health lifestyles. Come and spend some time at Badger Park – you’ll never be bored here!


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