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Dry Creek Park

Hayden, Colorado

Communities thrive when they have a place to move, gather, develop and grow together. The community of Hayden, CO believes in the power of playspaces that offer all of these benefits, while providing a destination park that appeals to people of all ages and abilities.

Dry Creek Park is a beautiful open space located within walking distance from many Hayden neighborhoods and schools. Designing a space that provided equal access to the play areas with an intergenerational aspect was critical to the success of this park.

In addition to two age appropriate playgrounds that provide many opportunities for all types of development, Dry Creek Park incorporated an ELEVATE Fitness Course into their design. Here adults and children ages 5 and up can challenge themselves and each other while having fun and staying active.

Dry Creek Park helped to establish Hayden as a destination spot keeping residents in their community and attracting visitors from neighboring communities. They built it and now people are coming. It’s the power of play.


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