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Field of Dreams

Bossier City, Louisiana

A space designed by and for the community is the best kind of space. For the community means everyone in the community, no matter your ability, experiences or background. The space at Field of Dreams is universally-designed and brings everyone together with play variety, inclusivity and a feeling of togetherness that permeates the entire environment. Choosing the design and equipment for Field of Dreams was a group effort and called on everyone from special educators to people with differing abilities and their family members to provide their experiences and help shape this environment into the largest, most inclusive playscape in Louisiana.

Great designs are comprised of thoughtfully-designed products. Field of Dreams is full of play events that foster a holistic play experience and help everyone find the best of themselves through play. A fully ramped structure and unitary surfacing brings everyone into the heart of play and creates equity where children of all abilities can have the same experiences in their own unique way. Slides, climbing, swinging and sensory play all help children develop and gain skills that transcend the playground. This is truly a place for everyone to dream big and reach their milestones while having fun.



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