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Friendship Learning Center

North Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Bringing a play environment that helps everyone find the best of themselves through play was an important pillar of the North Fond du Lac School District’s playground project and, through intentional design and community, it was achieved! The goals included having a space that was large enough to accommodate a growing population, creating a space that was inclusive and bringing color in to enhance the experience.

With an 18,000 square foot area, there is plenty of room to spread out and offer a variety of play areas and activities that accommodate differing abilities, ages and interests. Providing equitable access points is important in an inclusive space. The North Fond du Lac playground has an entire side that is flush to the surfacing making a seamless transition into the playspace. Play equipment ranges from the ZipVenture® that allows children to fly across the playground to the universally-designed Volta® Inclusive Spinner with three different seating options to adapt to a variety of abilities. There are spaces for musical exploration, swinging, spinning, sliding, climbing and developing upper body strength. If you can dream it, this play environment can provide it.


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