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Plymouth Community Center

Plymouth, Minnesota

Minnesota offers so many options for outdoor recreation with opportunities for everyone to get outside and play! From more than 65 parks to 175 miles of trails to numerous beaches and sports fields, the prospects for outdoor fun are endless. As much as outdoor play is beneficial, it is also important to have access to an outside experience indoors. Inspired by this idea – bringing the outdoors indoors – the playspace at the Plymouth Community Center is the ultimate play experience for children of all ages and abilities. What does an Ultimate Experience contain? Adventure is a definite must and the BCI Burke Nucleus® Evolution® Tower, twisting and turning Cobra® Slides and variety of climbers, rope and overheads bring exploration, opportunities for age-appropriate risk and a chance for children to discover the best of themselves through play. A realistic climbing wall brings the experience of rock climbing – an adventurous, healthy and engaging activity with endless developmental benefits – indoors and provides another activity to help kids move and develop a love of exercise for life. For children ages 2-5, adventure is also a must and a PlayHouse full of role-play possibilities, a ramped structure, a tunnel, climbing, traversing and ways to practice balance and coordination are all part of the adventure experience for this age group.


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