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Staring Lake Park

Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Taking advantage of the natural features of the setting and incorporating all types of play from imaginative to cognitive to physical, the city of Eden Prairie began the redesign of Staring Lake Park’s playground to give it a fresh look, make it more interesting to kids and families and create a multi-generational gathering space for the community to enjoy.

With a robust area for imaginative play that includes a “stage”, Sound Garden and a PlayHouse, kids can let their imaginations guide them in hours of fun and cooperative play. The areas for children 2-5 and 5-12 engage kids physically and help them get much-needed exercise. Verto Climbers and embankment slides take advantage of the unique topography to make the transition up or down between play areas. The result of all of the efforts is an incredible, diverse play environment that offers an amazing experience for kids and families in the Eden Prairie area.


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