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Tosa Elementary Schools

McKinley Elementary School - Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

Play for all is the theme of this new Burke play environment at McKinley Elementary in Wauwatosa, WI! Built upon a beautiful, accessible turf surface, a fully ramped play structure summons everyone into the heart of play and offers a variety of options for socialization, development and just plain fun. Rocking, climbing, spinning, games, imagination and more for children ages 2-12 is the perfect way to get kids outside and moving together before and after school and during recess. At McKinley, everyone can play together!






Underwood Elementary School - Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

There are so many options for play in Underwood Elementary School’s new playspace! An imaginative play area for children ages 2-5 enhances learning and engagement and a fully-inclusive ramped structure featuring climbing, sliding and rocking is exactly what the 5-12 year old age group needs! All children will be able to create their own pathways with unitary surfacing and a fun path that provides separation between the age group playgrounds and provides an area for movement and games.

Lincoln Elementary School - Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

Lincoln Elementary wanted a space to engage children of all abilities from ages 2-5 and 5-12 that would help continue their learning outdoors! With imaginative play areas, rocking, sliding, spinning, climbing and overhead events that strengthen development, the students will be able to learn valuable skills that last a lifetime.


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