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Imaginative Play

Add a Trike Path to Your Early Childhood Playspace

Playground design idea- create a trike path around this preschool playground play areas

Combining physical movement with balance, coordination, cooperation and orienteering, Trike Paths are an incredible addition to any Early Childhood environment. Create an interesting pathway through the space and add in elements of imaginative play where children can stop and engage with each other and visit shops, doctors, gas stations and more! Kids learn through role-playing and these stations will help them develop language, math and reading skills while getting much-needed exercise!

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Early Childhood

Children ages 6-23 months are motivated to learn and explore. Designed from research with Early Childhood Education Professors, each play event is tied directly to developmental milestones and helps children obtain skills in a natural setting through child-directed play.


Creative Play

Packed with play value, Burke’s Discovery Stations and PlayHouse facilitate imaginative and creative play by offering a place for children to create their own roles and fantasies in a real-life setting complete with realistic details, games and space for everyone to engage.


Preschool Play

Bringing play areas designed specifically for ages 2-5 to the playground creates a space where children of this specific age group can learn and grow together.



Music Play

As a universal creative experience, PlayEnsemble brings a sense of wonder to the play environment. Musical experiences aren’t just play; they accelerate child development intellectually, socially and emotionally and enhance overall motor skills, language and literacy.


School Aged Play

Creating a playspace that meets the diverse needs of the school aged population is important and should include activities such as climbing, swinging, sliding and spinning to challenge their physical comfort zones, as well as areas for socialization and rest.


Sand & Water Play

Burke’s Sand & Water play events encourage play with sand and water AND other natural pieces found in nature such as pebbles or wood chips – a natural way to incorporate loose parts play!


Freestanding Shade

Protect your children from the sun and keep play surfaces cooler to the touch with Burke’s selection of freestanding shade. Our canopies offer up to 97% UV screening protection and up to fifteen times more shade coverage than roofs. 



Lil' Novo® Playful Furniture

When something is sized perfectly for us, it makes us feel special, safe and in our element. Kids will love that Lil’ Novo fits them perfectly and helps them find a space to rest, climb, learn and socialize.