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No matter your age or ability, we all deserve the benefits of play and recreation. All Recreation was created to help ensure that the pursuit of play and recreation continue with the highest quality products and the best customer service. We have been in the industry for over 30 years and we know that when it comes to creating a playground or recreation environment, having someone to guide and manage your project is key. We create recreation spaces of all types and budgets throughout Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia and Kentucky. We only partner with companies who have the highest quality products and offer excellent warranties. We stand behind our customers and our work, meaning we will be there when you need us, for as long as you need us. We know details matter and that they extend the life of your investment. We are your educators and partners in this process. Whether it is the thought put into our playground design, the extra revisions needed to get a project right or the experience to manage your installation, we strive to show you service with every interaction.

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Maryland, with its abundant waterways, coastlines and beautiful green spaces, offers a beautiful backdrop for a whole lot of play! Fueled by the best crab cakes in the world, the people of Maryland can experience the best in play, playgrounds, recreation and outdoor fitness brought to them by our local Representative, All Recreation. All Recreation excels in bringing beautifully designed and functional playspaces to parks and recreation departments, schools, daycares, churches, community centers and homeowners associations (HOAs). They focus on creating spaces that foster social, emotional, cognitive and physical growth for people of all ages and abilities. Join Our Movement and let us bring the best in play to your community!

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    Get Outside and Get Creative

    Get Outside and Get Creative

    What’s something that reminds you of summer? Is it the sun, not having school, getting more time with friends, the beach or maybe grabbing your favorite treat from your local ice cream shop? There are endless reasons people love summer, and for many, it’s the best time to get out and play! But have you ever heard of “summer funk”? Summer funk starts right around the middle of the summer when you’re running out of things to do. Kids may claim boredom, say there’s “nothing to do” and turn to screens to occupy themselves. Enter the outdoors and endless possibilities! Let’s talk play and ideas from us at BCI Burke on outdoor activities that can help kids get outside for play, community and learning! If it’s too hot where you live to spend the day outside, try going out early in the morning or later in the day – even 20 minutes outdoors can positively impact physical and mental health! Nature walks are a great way to get the whole family out of the house! You can find a trail ...

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    Adding More Play for Your Community

    Adding More Play for Your Community

    Bringing a new park, recreation area or playspace to your community helps keep people healthy both mentally and physically and provides a place for them to gather, learn and grow. Designing this new commercial playground allows you to customize the space for exactly what’s needed and will help everyone find the best of themselves through play. Sometimes that’s just “not in the cards” so to speak. You can still add value and bring more play to your community by adding some key pieces to your existing playspace. Below is a “Top Five” list but it certainly isn’t exhaustive – there are so many more play pieces that can add just as much value – these are just a few favorites right now. 5. Volito Swing: It’s a swing, yes, and swinging is a childhood staple that helps develop the inner ear, balance and core strength but there is also a social and cooperative component to this particular playground swing. With room for multiple children, the Volito is a swinging social space and children of different ages and abilities can join in ...

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    April is Autism Awareness Month

    April is Autism Awareness Month

    As we wind down from April, Autism Awareness Month, we are continuing our quest for knowledge about autism and how to best serve our autistic children and community in the best way we know how - through thoughtfully-designed products and playspaces. The goal is always to help all people find the best of themselves through play and learn and develop in a way that is comfortable and accessible to them. Because there is no one type of autism, there isn’t one type of play piece or experience that will be engaging or helpful for all children with autism but there are some underlying pieces we can add to create an experience that may speak to a larger group of children. In 2021, we introduced a couple of research-based products that are designed for all children with a lean toward helping children with autism find comfort and fun within the playspace. The Serenity™ Spot is a sensory-based play piece that provides games, the opportunity for repetitive movement or stimming – short for self-stimulatory behavior and engagement with both peers and ...

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