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Our mission is to bring Play That Moves You® to communities around the world and connect people through play. As we advance the Play Movement, we are driven to continuously design inspiring products and play environments to bring a higher level of play to the communities we serve. We provide a variety of playground and park equipment, including climbers, slides, swings, site amenities, park furniture and sports equipment to Parks & Recreation, Municipalities, Schools, Daycare, Churches, Apartment Complexes, Childcare Centers and Children’s Museums. Join Our Movement!

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Oklahoma is a place with a unique history and diverse landscapes of green rolling hills in the East and flat, golden plains in the West. The charm of Oklahoma, or the Sooner State, lies in its small towns, basketball teams, beautiful natural features and its love for PLAY! Bringing the highest level of play, playgrounds, recreation and outdoor fitness equipment to all of Oklahoma is our passion, mission and business. With so much to offer, who wouldn’t want to be outside moving, playing and having fun – and, as a bonus, developing skills such as cognitive planning, problem solving and communication. Play is essential to health, well-being and helps bring communities together outdoors. We invite you, Oklahoma, to Join Our Movement and see how play can move you!

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    Combat “Boredom” Outside

    Combat “Boredom” Outside

    How fitting is it that National Anti-Boredom Month is the same month as Parks & Recreation Month!? We think it’s on point! Parks and recreation spaces are the perfect way to combat boredom while spending time outdoors moving, socializing and playing! Our top five ideas of fun things to do outdoors will help get kids, families and communities having fun together. Who has time to be bored anyway? Take a picture outing! Not only will this flex your creative muscle, but it encourages movement and helps us really see what’s around us. Use phones or disposable cameras for a fun time for all ages and abilities. Exercise! There are so many ways to exercise outdoors. Run, bike, hike or use a local outdoor fitness space to get your daily exercise. ELEVATE® Fitness Course is a great way to involve people of all ages and fitness levels in a workout. With three different levels of challenge, people from fitness beginner to fitness mature can get their move on. Get on or in the water! When it’s hot outside, the water can feel so ...

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    Mental Health and Movement

    Mental Health and Movement

    May is Mental Health Awareness Month and to mark this important month, we want to talk about mental health and how exercising – and exercising with a community – can positively impact well-being. There isn’t one answer or one way for everyone but study after study shows that regular movement and exercise helps us feel better both physically and mentally. This doesn’t mean we have to run marathons (although you can!), it just means that if we replaced 15 minutes of sitting with 15 minutes of running (high intensity activity) or an hour of walking (low intensity activity), we could reduce our odds of becoming depressed by 26%. This is all according to a study done by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. And the good news is “exercise” can be something fun like doing an obstacle course, playing with our children at a park or playground or walking or running on a trail. One might ask why exercise is one way to prevent and treat depression. Exercise promotes changes in the brain that include neural growth and ...

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    MOVMNT Brings Movement to Communities

    MOVMNT Brings Movement to Communities

    Fond du Lac, WI – MOVMNT™ brings movement for people of all ages and abilities and creates an atmosphere of competition, fun and engagement. Powered by people, MOVMNT doesn’t require electrical or batteries and allows everyone to be in control of their play experience. Studies show that active communities do better. Whether it’s higher graduation and lower obesity rates or better air quality and higher home values, having public greenspaces within your community helps to improve quality of life. For communities seeking intergenerational engagement, MOVMNT is the perfect answer. It brings people together to play an active game that stimulates both mental and physical development. With two options for MOVMNT – MOVMNT Inclusive and MOVMNT Xtreme – the MOVMNT collection of products provides play for all abilities. MOVMNT Inclusive is perfect for one or two players and is designed so a user with a mobility device can participate fully in the play experience. MOVMNT Xtreme provides an active play experience for an induvial or a larger group of people and offers high replay value with four games to choose from. To ...

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