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School Aged Play

Children ages 5-12 seem to be able to do and learn almost anything. Their senses, physical abilities, creativity and socialization grow every day! Creating a playspace that meets the diverse needs of the school aged population is important and should include activities such as climbing, swinging, sliding and spinning to challenge their physical comfort zones, as well as areas for socialization and rest. Children of this age learn skills through play that will last a lifetime!

  • Nucleus Aspire

    Climbing to the top of a mountain? Crossing a pass to summit another peak? Taking off into space? Racing down...

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  • Nucleus® Evolution®

    Imagine feeling unstoppable. Imagine developing the skills, determination and resilience to overcome obstacles and achieve anything you want to. Imagine...

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  • Level X® Play System

    It really doesn't get better than the latest addition to the Level X Collection of products, the Level X Ally....

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  • Synergy® Play System

    Synergy brings play to smaller spaces with 3.5” posts, scaled components, smaller platforms and simple design lines. Perfect for children...

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  • Level X Extreme

    Extreme play value is what the Level X Extreme is all about. Sliding, climbing, traversing, games and more provide something...

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  • MOVMNT® Electronic Play

    The next generation of play is here. It's inspired. It's innovative. It will test your fitness, your agility and your...

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  • Nucleus Core®

    The hub. The center. The crux of adventure. The essence of Play That Moves You. Nucleus Core is the beginning...

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