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ARP Funding for Your Community’s Parks and Recreation Spaces


Using the ARP (American Rescue Plan) and CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act) funding for your park, commercial playground, outdoor fitness space or recreation area is a great way to help your community move, engage and grow together through play! Active communities do better with lower rates of obesity and heart disease and higher home values and graduation rates. Adding additional play, fitness and musical exploration spaces in your community brings equity and fun for everyone while helping support better mental and physical health outcomes.

How can you use this funding for your park’s playground, recreation and fitness equipment right now?

  • Investing in a multigenerational space where people of all ages can play, relax, engage and keep their bodies and minds moving!
  • Bringing a new twist to getting kids and adults much-needed time exercising and combating obesity.
  • Designing a sensory playspace where children of all abilities can learn music, play games and socialize.
  • Creating an inclusive commercial playground that brings equity to play and allows children of all abilities a place to find the best of themselves through play.
  • Developing an adventure playground where children can explore, be curious and discover through play.
  • Adding seating, bike racks and Hand Sanitizer Stations around your community for convenience and cleanliness.

Request a catalog, find popular park playground designs or contact your local Burke Representative and funding expert to learn more about enhancing your community with Burke.