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ESSER Funding for Your School’s Commercial Playground, Outdoor Fitness Center or Outdoor Classroom


Using ESSER (Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief), ARP (American Rescue Plan) and CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act) funding for your school playground, outdoor fitness center or classroom is a great way to help your students learn and grow together through play! From moving their bodies for 60 minutes a day on an ELEVATE® Fitness Course to enhancing math and strategy skills with the Hide the Numbers Panel, kids will benefit in a variety of ways from taking it outside!

These much-needed resources for your school come with flexibility for district leaders to decide how to best use the funds to meet the needs of their students, educators and families. Play is essential to child development and an integral part of a holistic learning approach. Through play, children develop social, emotional, physical, cognitive and language skills that transcend the playground and lay the foundation for future development. Providing children an opportunity to spend time outdoors improves concentration and engagement while increasing productivity and creativity.

Use your funding for school playground equipment right now to help students get outside and get the most from their learning by:

  • Investing in an outdoor classroom at school where children can spend more time outside learning, exploring and connecting to the outdoors.
  • Bringing a new twist to getting kids moving and combating obesity during Physical Education, recess, after school programs or team practice.
  • Designing a sensory playspace where children of all abilities can learn music, play games and socialize.
  • Creating an inclusive commercial playground that brings equity to play.
  • Developing an adventure playground where children can explore, be curious and discover through play.
  • Adding seating, bike racks and Hand Sanitizer Stations around your campus for convenience and cleanliness.

Request a catalog, find popular park playground designs or contact your local Burke Representative and funding expert to learn more about enhancing your community with Burke.