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Get Your Playground without all the Paperwork!

A playground purchase doesn’t have to turn into a drawn-out process of writing specifications, issuing RFPs and jumping through bureaucratic hoops. BCI Burke can help you cut through the red tape, thanks to the company’s national cooperative award from Equalis Group. BCI Burke is a provider for playground, park, recreation and outdoor fitness equipment and related solutions.

Purchasing your Burke playground through our Equalis Group competitively solicited agreement means:

  • You’re in compliance with the necessary legal and competitive bid requirements.
  • Client partners pay no fees to use Equalis Group contracts.
  • Your playground is backed by our exclusive Generations Warranty® - the longest and strongest in the industry.
  • Our ISO 9001:2015 certification confirms we are consistently ensuring high quality and exceptional customer service.
  • You’ll be doing business with a “green” company that holds the ISO 14001:2015 certification, reflecting a systematic program for achieving aggressive goals for recycling, use of recycled materials and renewable energy and environmentally sound manufacturing processes.”


More time, less money

No Compromise On Quality!

For years, purchasing agents have struggled with the challenge of balancing competitive bid requirements with the need to purchase quality products. Too often, agencies have had to settle for inferior quality and service because of the difficulty of writing RFPs that result in “apples-to-apples” cooperative comparisons.

That’s something you won’t have to worry about when using Burke’s cooperative contract award from Equalis Group, because our playgrounds and equipment are built to the highest standards, backed by our Generations Warranty - the longest and strongest in the industry. In addition, they come with Burke’s unique Total Cost of Ownership Package®, which is your assurance that when warranty, service and product life are taken into account, no playground can match the value of BCI Burke.


Now What?

Contact your local Burke Representative at 800-266-1250.

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  • Design a playground to fit your needs.

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